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Origen Vault

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Origen Vault

  • Origen DeFi's referral program provides a unique opportunity for users to earn rewards for every friend they refer to the platform. The program offers numerous benefits, including no referral limits, instant bonus crediting, and commission earnings based on the strength of the user's frontline and downline referrals.
  • To ensure that the program remains fair and transparent, it utilizes a tier system that prevents self-referrals and ensures that referrers receive the appropriate rewards for their efforts. Additionally, the program offers a direct referral commission, which allows referrers to earn rebates based on their referrals' staking transactions.
  • By participating in Origen DeFi's referral program, users can unlock new earning opportunities and increase their profits within the platform's ecosystem. Whether you are a new user or an experienced investor, this program provides a user-friendly and cost-effective way to engage with the Origen DeFi community and earn rewards for your efforts. So start referring your friends today and reap the benefits of Origen DeFi's innovative referral program.

Direct commission

  • Earn rewards for every friend you refer to the Origen DeFi Staking program and more! With no referral limits, you can invite as many friends as you want and receive bonuses instantly when they meet the requirements.
  • Our referral program uses a tier system to ensure fair rewards for referrers and prevent self-referrals. As your frontline and downline referrals grow stronger, you earn more commissions. Plus, you receive a percentage of your referrals' total earnings as they continue to refer others.
  • The best part? Every time your referral makes a staking transaction, you earn a commission based on their deposit, which is instantly distributed to your account from our liquidity pool.
Tier 1 -> 4.5%
Tier 2 -> 3.0%
Tier 3 -> 1.5%
Tier 4 -> 0.5%